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The objective of the association is to identify all former crewmembers (officers and enlisted) and all members (officers and enlisted) of any squadron or air group that ever served aboard any of the Hornet designation ships. The association serves to afford its members the opportunity to keep alive the comradeship from their days spent aboard the Hornet, and to forge new bonds and friendships with those who served across different generations. (CV-8, CV-12, CVA-12 and CVS-12)

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The very first Hornet was christened in 1775, and was one of the first 2 ships in the Continental Navy, along with the Wasp. Since then, the Hornet ships, their crews, and the squadrons that have served on their decks have defended our country’s shores in some of the most memorable and decisive military actions over the last 200 years. From the Revolution, to Tripoli, to World War II, and to the retrieval of the Apollo 11 astronauts, the Hornets have shaped the history of this great nation. The last Hornet ship (CVS-12) was designated as a national landmark in 1998, and is open as an aircraft carrier museum in Alameda, CA. Today, the F/A 18 strike fighter carries on the Hornet name in the Navy.

The US Navy aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CVS-12) underway in the Pacific Ocean, circa July 1969.