About USS Hornet association


The USS Hornet Association is a private non-profit organization governed by bylaws and an Operating Manual approved by the Association membership. The Board of Directors shall manage the business affairs of the Association. The Directors are to be former & current Presidents and Honorees. The Secretary and Treasurer shall also be members of the Board. The Chairman of the Board is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. He shall preside at all meetings of the Directors, Executive Committee and the General Membership meetings, and shall see that all orders, motions, resolutions of the Board are carried out.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is composed of the Chairman of the Board, the Vice Chairman of the Board and (5) five additional Board members, however; two of those shall be the Secretary and Treasurer. This committee shall handle all the business decisions of the Association during the period of time between Reunions.

The President of the Association is a one-year assignment and is responsible for a successful Reunion during the year he is President. Whatever city is submitted and finally voted to be the next Reunion city, the person submitting that cities name shall be the President for that year.


The objectives of the Association are among others, to identify all former crewmembers (officers, enlisted) and all members (officers & enlisted) of any Squadron or Air Group that ever served aboard any of the Hornet designations (CV-8, CV-12, CVA-12 and CVS-12). This is to honor them for their service to the nation. We also want to make them aware of our Annual Reunions. They are alternated between the East Coast & West Coast using the Mississippi to divide the country from East to West. At each Annual Reunion departed shipmates from the previous year are remembered in a fitting traditional Naval Memorial Service. To further honor the legacy of the Hornets and we place Bronze Plaques at appropriate Museums and/or Naval Installations throughout the country honoring the brave ships crewmembers, Squadrons/Air Groups. It is incumbent on all Hornet members to contribute time, talents and financial support to keep alive the proud heritage of the “mighty “Man of Wars” the various USS Hornets. Finally, family members, friends and interested parties are encouraged to become members of the Hornet family as well.

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Today, we the living veterans of the Hornets are left with memories of youth, adventure, heroism, and shipmates who died in combat and those we memorialize at each Reunion. As time moves swiftly along, shipmates, friends and family gather annually to rekindle the spirit of comradeship. We mourn the passing of shipmates and Squadron/Air Group buddies who never hesitated to protect us with their lives. We surely miss those who no longer are able to attend the Reunions. What a pleasant feeling to know that, as we gather for each Reunion we are not forgotten. Rank and privilege evaporate and we are one— friends to the end.

USS Hornet Association

It has been said we are the oldest continuous organizations still in existence that still has annual Reunions. The very first Reunion planning took place at the home of Capt. Roy Johnson, former Air Group 2 Commander, Air Officer & Executive Officer of Hornet CV-12. Early meetings included Admiral Art Doyle, Adm. Duerfeldt, Capt/ Myers, Kenn Henderson, Larry White, Thomas Laub, Bob Neuhauser, Harold Neubig and Dr. Frederick Hartman. This was the nucleus and the glue that ultimately became the Charter Members of the Hornet Association (then known as a Club) Notables that have attended the Reunions over the years were Admiral “Jocko” Clark, Fleet Admiral “Bull” Halsey, and former Chaplains Monsignor McMann & Reverend Allan Zaun. In 1949 the first Reunion was held at Washington, DC.

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